Has any airline agreed to extend frequent flyer status expiry dates yet in light of COVID-19?

Might be a bit premature given the current chaos with management of the more important things around keeping the airlines running etc, but would be good to know if this has already been addressed, or will be addressed after things stabilise.

Some hotel programs have extended status for 12 mths.

Very valid question but I’d say the airlines’ survival are more on their minds. IMO, if there are no financial intervention (bail out), airlines all over the world will be shutting down. Qantas and Virgin is not exempted. However, it is likely/hopeful that the Australian government will offer lifelines to them. However, one does wonder, where does it stop. All (99%) business will suffer, you can’t exactly bail everyone out.

Financially speaking (looking at shares and bonds), it looks like VA is in a whole lot of hurt compared to QF.

In short, I’m sure they will be doing something for airline status - either extension of current status or postponing of requalification ( I would imagine).

Totally understand that survival is the name of the game right now. Let’s hope businesses find their way through the economic crisis, it will only get tougher before it improves.

On a personal note I guess I should be more worried now about all the flights I’ve booked for later in the year with Velocity points - don’t want to cancel only to find that Velocity points might become worthless if VA go down (god forbid), yet might not want to / be allowed to travel! Will be an anxious waiting game…

Qantas just announced 12 mth status extension.

Virgin’s will be out tomorrow. Look out for it.

as @w.hiew said, Qantas is offering 12 months of status extension. Virgin is offering monthly status credits to help with status requalifying IN ADDITION to extending status for 12 additional months.

Thanks guys - yep it looks like VA had to up their game after Qantas went for the blanket extension but VA initially only offered Status Credits without an extension.

Got this email today from VA:

“ In addition to the Status Credit gift recently announced, we’ll also be extending and preserving the current Status of all Velocity Frequent Flyer Silver, Gold and Platinum members for a further 12 months.

This means that there are no minimum flight sectors required to maintain your current Status, for the next 12 months.

We’ll send you an email in the next two weeks with details on:

  1. Your Status Credit gift
  2. Your 12-month Status extension”
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Hi all - just received the VA email regarding status extension. However I’m a bit confused. My current Platinum membership is valid until 30 Nov 2020. VA is saying that they will extend status by 12 months - however the email I received said they’ve extended it until 30 Nov 2020? Shouldn’t this read 2021 - and has anyone else had a similar experience?

Heard about it from friends. Looks like the work experience kid forgot to change the year to 2021. Likely to be a typo.

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Lol. Yup VA sent out a follow up email a few hours later clarifying the date. Guess I wasn’t the only one who noticed!