Haneda to Perth - What is the best way to fly Premium Economy / business class on this route?

Hi all,

New to this whole thing, so appreciate any advice I can get. I live in Japan and I’m a member of JAL Mileage Bank.

I would like to from Tokyo Haneda to Perth in August, either in PE or business with my wife and 2 kids.

Since we are JMB, I’m assuming via Hong Kong with Cathay Pacific is the best option for this?

Just wondering how I go about finding the best/cheapest options for this route to fly in anything other than economy!




I think it is 80k JMB to fly business return from TYO-PER with Cathay Pacific (via HKG) and Malaysia Airlines (via BKI). Personally, all other things being equal, I would pick HKG for better ground service (at least).

55k for premium economy. Check out the JMB redemption chart here. link

Fuel surcharge is fairly minimal too link

Since you are redeeming for 4 seats, it may be worth while checking availability 1st. I am not very familiar with JMB redemption but I suppose you can ring up and ask about your options and what’s available. Cathay Pacific is known to release unsold seats around T-14 days before departure too.

Good luck.