Flying to Peru - is transferring Amex Rewards points to United Mileageplus or AAdvantage a good option?

So!, i’ve been researching and building my knowledge over the last few years trying to snag the perfect string of flights and what not.

The Details -
I have roughly 400,000 Amex Rewards points.
Travelling roughly 1st August to 14/15th August.
would like Business Sydney - Australia to Lima - Peru. Would prefer not to have to fly through Asia, but happy to tie in 3 or 4 days in Hong Kong/Singapore/China/Southeast Asia but would REALLY love an option to tie in a 4 or 5 day stint in the Bahamas (I’m kidding myself i know) Hawaii or Tahiti will do… So to re-cap…

400,000k AUSSIE Amex Rewards points, wanting business for 2x passengers from Sydney, Australia to Lima in Peru - anything else is a bonus!

I know you can transfer AMEX to Starwood points to AA… but it seems i will loose out on too much due to the conversion of the rewards…

I’m soooo frustrated at the moment… Virgin, Emirates… Air NZ… Singapore… everything i try isn’t working.



The 1st of August this year (i.e. 2017)? Not 2018?

To be blunt, it’s basically impossible. People book all the flights from Australia to US/South America a year in advance. I know it’s not the most helpful comment but I can’t see any way this would be possible without some sort of crazy routing via the Middle East, for which you don’t have enough points. Sorry!

For both FFP, you can check availabilities before transferring. If it is for 2017, all the best.

Legs involving Australia usually is the most challenging. You might have to position yourself separately on a revenue flight to Singapore, Hong Kong or other hubs.

Tahiti is very challenging to get rewards flights to.