Flying Melbourne-Europe using Qantas Frequent Flyer. How to minimise tax/surcharge?


I’m thinking of doing a return trip on business class to Europe next year, estimating I will have over 250K Qantas Frequent Flyer points by then. Just wanted to know, what is the cheapest airline and country combinations (in terms of taxes, fees and surcharges) to fly to in Europe, from Melbourne?



Check out this Point Hack article.

Hope that helps.

Hi Danny

What I'll often do is buy a cheap one way ticket to NZ and then book a multi city ticket from NZ to my destination and then landing back in Australia.  NZ taxes are so much lower that you can often save a few hundred dollars doing it this way, although you are of course adding some extra flying time and extra points to do this.  It helps that I often have business (and just love the scenery and nature) in NZ so that I can justify doing it this way.

Another benefit is that there is often greader award availability coming out of NZ rather than Aus when booking with points.

Hope this helps!