Flying Etihad. Should I credit flight to Etihad Guest or Velocity program?

Hi, I’ll be travelling to Munich via Melbourne shortly and will be flying with Etihad, flights coded EY, ticket class T outbound, L inbound. My question is should I earn the points on Velocity or sign up for Etihad’s Guest programme? Cheers, Ian

Check out if you haven’t already.

Depends whether you want to build status/pts with Etihad Guest from scratch. You need to weight up the pros and cons. A handful of points even if its 2x as much from a flight here and there isn’t going to get you far; unless of course if you can top it up from credit cards, flybuys, etc to make the point balance useable.

A very subjective question, TBH.

Thanks for the advice…I’ll definitely check that site you have recommended.  I was thinking that perhaps I would earn more points on Etihad because it’s their own airline and then transfer to Velocity at a later date. But the flaw in that logic I guess is that I can transfer points but not status credits. Status credits earn on this trip will allow me to move from Velocity Gold to Platinum so I guess I’ve answered my own question :wink: Cheers