First-time Faux Pas - what are the fundamental errors that I should avoid when flying first class?

OK, so it’s nearly time. Been seriously collecting points for nearly three years, ruined (and recovered) my credit rating, managing my cards in a small database and now it’s time to reap the rewards. Business on QF from Melbourne to Perth (and back) next month then Melbourne to Singapore in First in June. Needless to say VERY excited.

I’ve read about OOMAT and his pyjamas, so my question to all you experienced premium cabin dwellers out there is this: What are the fundamental errors that I should avoid?

All tips appreciated!

Thanks Maggie, though we’re not flying QF this time, I know someone who will be VERY interested in the spa! I’d better get collecting those Qantas points too… I’m personally looking forward the pyjamas too. A nice little momento.

Hi Andy,

I remember how excited I was when my husband and I took our first ever first class trip on Singapore Airlines Melbourne to Tokyo a couple of years ago. Last year we flew Qantas from Melbourne to New York in first. On that trip I took advantage of the Qantas spa available at the airport, and I really recommend this if you have access to it, and the time. And enjoy a made-to-order breakfast at the first lounge, if you can. Once on board I always change immediately into the airline jimjams,  and while I sometimes wear their supplied socks, I have a favourite pair which have a sole on the bottom (though the loo floors in first are generally cleaned often during the flight). And it may be me, but I always smile and appreciate the attention and efforts of the cabin crew, and gladly accept that extra offer of fine champagne. Enjoy your trip !