Finnair lounge options in Helsinki for oneworld status or business class passenger?

I remember reading a tip about lounge options when flying Finnair via helsinki. Oneworld/J class option to access premium lounge. Anyone know anything?

There are 2 Finnair lounges - one in the Shengen area and one in the International area. I have visited the international one, which is good. It’s spacious, decked out in atypical Scandinavian decor and has good food and drink options. Make sure you try the reindeer salad!

There are plenty of seating options. Most seats are on a lower level with tables but there is a quiet zone where you can stretch out and look at the tarmac. Wifi was fine but I can’t remember if it was lounge specific or part of the terminal.

There is also a Priority Pass lounge next door.

I haven’t been to the Finnair lounge in the Shengen area, instead visiting the Priority Pass lounge. This was also great, albeit smaller. Food and drink was good and the WiFi was amazing!

There is a Finnair premium lounge but it is not for every business class traveller. You must be Qantas platinum or equivalent one world emerald  to enter.

Thanks. I appreciate the help.

from other sources I have discovered 3 lounges. The Shengen lounge,which can get very crowded,the international lounge and right next door a sort of premium lounge with access only for Oneworld Saphire and above. A J class ticket is not enough. But they share a sauna.