Finnair A350 vs Japan Airways B787-8 business class - which would you pick?

Hi all,

I have the option of flying business class in either the Finnair A350 or Japan Airways 787-8, which would you choose/recommend?

Appreciate your thoughts in advance!!


The non-reclining seat on Finnair is very novel. You’ll probably love it or hate it. (Disclaimer: I’ve not been on this before).

I’ve only been on Japan Airlines and their business class is pretty solid.

I have flown Finnair from Hong Kong to Helsinki return and absolutely loved it. The service is fantastic, the food very much to my liking, the bed was comfortable and the lounge in Helsinki was comfortable.

Japan Air is also very good. They fly from either Melbourne or Sydney (at night) and must say I found the bed a bit short and uncomfortable. Food was good and staff attentive.

Overall I favour Finnair - I rate them as second only to Emirates - only because I love flying the 380 with the lounge in the rear of the plane.