Expiring miles - Best use of Qatar Q-miles?

Hi Guys.

I want to ask what could be the best possible use of Qatar Q-miles ?
I have got about 15k Qmiles, some of which are going to expire soon. I couldn’t find any way to redeem them other than travel on Qatar airways and what my understanding is that we can’t transfer them over to Qantas miles.
I don’t have any plans to travel Qatar in the near future.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Thanks guys for ur replies…\r\n@Adygry- how did u book qantas flight with Q-miles ? Was it a domestic or intl. flight ?\r\nDo i just call Qatar customer support and ask them that i want to use my miles for a Qantas flight ??\r\n@ v-hiew- I am not sure about the domestic redemption of Q-miles. I’ll probably contact them and see what they say. I couldn’t find any thing other than either seat updgrade. No gift cards that they have mentioned on the website…\r\n@ Mark- I could not fond many options for redemption… only qatar flights…

You need to book a partner reward using Qmiles - if you go to Privilege Club > My Account > Redeem with Partners you make the request there. Once they came back I gave them a call as the flight they had selected wasn’t the flight I wanted. \r\n\r\nI knew the flight was available as I checked on the Qantas site first to see if they had reward seat availability.

Hi @ adygry.\r\nI want to ask you with Qatar Q-miles, do we have an option of points + pay. e.g. i have got 13,789 miles, which i want to use for my trip from Melb. to Perth. But the points reqd. for this trip is 25k.\r\nIs there any way i can use these miles or an option which says points + pay, so i can use these 13,789 miles plus pay some amount to book this flite.\r\nHope 2 c ur reply soon.\r\n\r\nCheers.

I am not familiar with Qmiles… although I thought you would have credited a Qatar flight to Qantas frequent flyer.

have you checked their website to see what non-flight items you can redeem for. may be better to look there first and come back with your thoughts

I am also not familiar with Qatar miles. Hence, I’m not sure whether my reply would be of much help.

Best to credit your future revenue flights to FF programs that you intend to collect points in, consolidating points make it much more useful as a bigger balance opens up more options  for flight redemptions.

And no FF points aren’t usually transferrable to other FF programs. Krisflyer-Velocity is a rare instance of inter-FF program transfer.

Qmiles are (in my opinion) terrible - the redemption method is crap and you are limited with your options. That said, I have successfully redeemed my points for Qantas and BA flights - you need to check reward seat availability first on their websites, then effectively apply for a reward flight on Qmiles. Qmiles will then come back (often with an awful flight as you can’t select the time of flight, just the day) with a ticket that you have something like 24 hours to confirm. You’ll then go back to Qmiles to get them to select the actual flight you want and then they’ll issue a ticket. Painful and I’ll never use them again, but a successful redemption nevertheless.


Good luck!