Etihad award flights - do they release more space?


Family of 5 travelling from Sydney to London then returning from Rome in July.

Last week, there was heaps of availability in business through velocity. By the time I transferred points from Amex, worked out I needed a little more and got a family transfer (family member Amex to another account then a transfer) award availability in business on Auh-lhr and fco-Auh leg disappeared on Etihad. It had either sold out or was taken off line.

Does anyone know if they are likely to release more? Is there a pattern with Etihad?

What is the best way of mointering award space?

Expert flyer is a good option to keep an eye on availability of reward seats. There is a guide on the the site about using it. It’s a paid service but can show it’s true worth with situations like yours.

One thing you learn quickly with the points game, book now and ask questions later. It’s a shame you didn’t book all the tickets you had points for and worked out the extra seats later. It’s always tough to get more than 2 seats per flight in J and above.

Since you moved your points to velocity your other option is Singapore Airlines.

Good luck