Emirates A380 vs Qantas A330-200 - should I fly business class from New Zealand to Melbourne?

Hi there,

I am planning a one-way QF return evening flight from NZ - partly for a status run, partly for a treat because it’s comparatively cheap (I cannot usually afford to fly business).

I’m trying to choose between two options - I want to get the best business class experience for my buck.

Option 1 is Auckland-Melbourne on a Qantas A330, but the only seats left are in Row 7 (the mini cabin at the rear, near economy cabin). I have only read bad things about these seats… but not sure if the negatives are exaggerated. The positive would be that it’s a direct flight, and 4 hours 15 flight time would give me time to relax and enjoy.

The other option is Christchurch-Sydney-Melb on an Emirates A380 and then a Qantas A330. The plus would be that I could have a much better selection of seats to choose from on the Emirates A380, and I would get to experience EK business class within my budget (never flown EK business before!). The negative would be that it’s only a 3 hours 20 flight on the Emirates plane across to Oz, barely time to watch a movie, then I have to transfer in Sydney for a couple of hours to switch to a short flight on the Qantas business class.

I assume that either lounge in Auckland and Christchurch are nothing to write home about…

Which do you think represents the better option for a nice business class experience?

I’ve travelled in back seat of business A330 and it was fine.

the via Sydney option also gives you more status credits.