EFTPOS Gift Cards - do these qualify as eligible spend for credit card bonus points?

Good Evening,

I’m looking at embarking on my Frequent Flyer journey, and am considering taking advantage of the various credit card bonus offers out there. My concern is regarding the nature of what qualifies for the minimum spend to qualify for bonus points; I’m struggling to get a clear understanding of whether gift cards qualify. For instance, there are various outlets with $200 EFTPOS gift cards which I would be looking at purchasing a few of to utilise for various expenses. Would this preclude me from the bonus points?

Thanking you,


Hi Simon,

you probably don’t want to hear this but there’s simply no alternative to reading the fine print. There are probably a couple of dozen bonus point offers out there at any one time, and they all have their own T&Cs. The only way to be sure that your spend qualifies is to read the specific T&Cs for that offer.

Having said that, I have never (to my knowledge) signed up for a credit card bonus offer where gift cards don’t count (supermarket bonus point offers such as with Flybuys are a different story). Just be careful where you buy the gift cards. If you buy them from Australia Post shops, for example, that may be deemed a “government” spend and would not count with many cards. But buying the exact same gift cards from supermarkets may well be ok.