Downgrading from Qantas Gold status - What to expect?

Happy Sunday everyone!

Long time reader, first time question poster; I love reading the great flight and lounge reviews and look forward to receiving the weekly newsletter in my inbox every Friday. I have also used the credit card round up to really build my point balance.

I was lucky enough to do a fair bit of travelling last membership year (all my travel is personal) and moved from silver to gold Qantas frequent flyer status. It looks like this membership year I will gain around 200-300 status credits. So my two questions are:

  1. Do I need to reach 250 status credits by the end of my membership year to ‘retain’/‘gain’ silver status or do I need to reach 300 status credits?
  2. If i do not reach 250 or 300 status credits do I go straight down to bronze or do I go to silver.

All I see online is how to ‘retain’ gold and nothing about what happens if you do meet the required points (apart from them offering you to ‘buy’ status).

Thanks in advance.

  • Thomas
  1. 250

  2. bronze