Downgraded on an award flight - how to handle this complaint and what should we expect as fair compensation?

Hi All

To cut a long story short (can give you the full storey if you want) we had a points flight from BOS-DOH in early Nov booked with Qantas points on Qatar. We arrived at the airport and 1 of our party of three was told she was to be downgraded to economy. We protested but were given no other option but to accept and a $250 us compensation. After we boarded we found that 6 Seats in j cabin had been reserved for pilots and crew.

We have had several contacts from Qatar expressing their deep deep sorrow for our situation but no further compensation will be offered.
Qantas has lodged our complaint but no further contact
My question is what should we expect as fair compensation and how should we handle this complaint to take it further?

Stuart Jackson

Whilst I do sympathize with you, I think you’ll find in the fine print under Conditions of Carriage that the airline ‘reserves the right to alter any booking’.

I found this article but unfortunately it won’t make you feel any better.

Best of luck.

Compensation for downgrades, on awards and even on paid fares, is difficult to get as Bofman already mentioned. Qantas seems to be difficult to engage with when any sort of problems occur.

I  had a win with an AA award booking on MH and BA. Delays with MH resulted in missing a First Class BA flight and having to fly Business on MH. I asked AA for a refund of the miles difference between First and Business and received this a few days after emailing them. Good customer service!