Doing a trip to the US, what do you think is the best way to maximise my FFP earn?


My wife and I are doing a trip to the states in May/June and I would like your opinion on best way to maximise the points. The bulk of my current points are with velocity.


Air NZ SYD to LAX (via AKL) - J

Virgin Redwood LAX to LAS

Delta LAS to SEA - G

Delta SEA to ANC

Delta ANC to LAX (via SEA)

Air NZ LAX to SYD (via AKL) - J

I currently use family pooling and all airlines are Velocity partners. The Air NZ Airpoints earn is around 600 each just on those J legs.

I’ve worked out on pooling all flights it would put me at Velocity Platinum but I’m not sure if I’d be able to take advantage of all the benefits before it expires. We do want to travel to New Zealand next and will do within the 2 year expiry of Airpoints but maybe not in the 12 months our status would be on the higher tier.

Any suggestions would be most appreciated.


Without digging really deep into your future plans for travel, earning and redeeming my points my first best guess is that you should stick with earning Velocity given you already have a decent balance there. I can’t imagine that diversifying your balances will help you in any way, and would just add complexity in future.