Does there have to be award availability when changing Qantas reward bookings?

Hi, wondering when changing an existing Qantas rewards booking, does reward availability need to be there for the desired flight or do you have the flexibility to change to any flight once you have an existing rewards booking?

Normally, it is subject to award availability but in these circumstances, its all discretion at the Call Centre level so Hang Up Call Again might work if award availability is non-existent.

I was wondering the same thing. Will be good to hear if someone has been successful with this.

Before Qantas shut down their SMS service I pushdd hard and was offered a full refund. But they shut down SMS bdfore I could accept it. Obviously I have the offer in writting though so fingers crossed I don’t have to worry about rebooking.

Actually just thought, if a booking was made through points can’t you cancel at any time for a full refund anyway? I think it may cost 7k points though.