Does Qantas status extension apply if you move up a status tier now?

Very simple question - does the status extension apply if you earn a new tier before your membership end date?

I’m currently a QFF bronze member, 15 status credits. Status year end = 31 Aug '22

Need to travel to the USA in late July for a week. Then to Europe in August or September.

Booking flights now in say Flexi economy with double status credits promo I would reach Silver status going to LA.

Is that status retained until 31 Aug '23 under this: Status Support | Qantas Frequent Flyer

Hi Mark.t, the status extension only applies if you have the same status as before. If you earn a new tier, it’s valid for the rest of your membership year + the next membership year.

So if you earn Silver in July with your USA trip, it will be valid until 31 August 2023 anyway. The status extension wouldn’t apply to you.

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