Does Qantas show all partner airlines when searching for reward flights?

When I input the departure place, destination, and dates, including return, why doesn’t the Qantas website give me ALL options for one world carriers? For Europe, for example, it limits the selections to Qantas, Emirates and BA. Why doesn’t it show the options for Cathay, Finnair, Qatar, Malaysia etc??

Hi Stephend,

The Qantas website would be giving you all the available options; the reason these carriers wouldn’t be showing is that award seats aren’t made available on all flights or dates, so there’s probably just nothing available using these carriers on the dates and route you’ve been searching.

Try altering your search to use different arrival or departure cities, and to capture a wider date range if you’re flexible and you will see different options using the airlines you mention come up. They are Qantas partners and do participate and offer reward seats, so the fact you don’t see it when you search indicates to me that the route and dates you’re going for there are no award seats available on those carriers.

Jimmy is correct, but sometimes looking at the BA website throws up a few extra’ll need to register with a UK address though for free access I understand. If you find something there, ring qantas and tell them you’ve seen it.