Does Qantas serve alcoholic drinks on Sydney to Perth in business class?

Hi all, been a while since we flew Qantas because I’m not a Joyce fan. Total first world question. We’re flying this Sat 17 Jul, SYD-LEA (transit PER). Leaving on the 8:25am A330 from SYD, seats 1E and 1F, business. The important question, does Qantas serve alcohol on this flight in business? Flight info on bookings page just says “Non-alcoholic beverages provided” under in-flight amenities. Later flights list “Alcohol & beverages provided” under in-flight amenities.

Virgin provides alcohol in business on this route no matter the time of day. All I can find on the Qantas website is this under Business dining experience:
“Our Qantas Neil Perry Sommeliers are proud to present a selection of wine from across Australia along with a range of spirits and non-alcoholic options.”

However under Economy dining experience there is this:
"Wine and beer are offered free of charge on select domestic and regional services:

  • on flights departing from 4pm everyday, and
  • on flights departing from 9am that are more than two and a half hours in duration."

I don’t feel like sitting in the Qantas phone queue forever to get this answered. If anyone here has taken this flight recently and could let me know that would be grand. I will be very unhappy if I find myself on a five hour flight with no bubbles :joy: :champagne: :clinking_glasses:

Crisis averted! This article describes in-flight alcoholic drinks are served.

Thanks for the reply mate, much appreciated :blush: I did read that review before posting my question, but it covers an evening flight. I know alcoholic drinks are generally served on that route in business. I am worried about the “flights departing from 9am” statement. Ours leaves at 8:25am. Given the appalling lack of customer focus exhibited by Joyce and his leadership team, it would not surprise me to sit down in the pointy end on a “breakfast” flight and be told my options are juice or water :face_with_spiral_eyes:

This review was very scathing of the dining offering. Granted it is from March 2020, and the reviewer doesn’t make clear whether alcohol was available. Just that he didn’t have any. Oh well, I’ll find out in 8 hours :joy::rofl::crossed_fingers:

My bad. Reminds me not to do thorough reading late at night. Good luck on your flight. Let us know how you went.