Does Qantas see similar award availability with American Airlines for One World flights?

Hi, I have found award availability on flights from SYD to DUB on American Airlines reward booking search, but cannot replicate the availability on Qantas.

The flights are operated by Japan Airlines (SYD to LHR via HND) and BA (LHR to DUB).

I’m wondering, should Qantas have these flights available if AA have them? If so, can I call Qantas to book?

Any help much appreciated!


This would be easier with a tool like expert flyer where you can check if there is really availability by looking at the fare classes. But you can also do this manually. Qantas should be able to see rewards seats on all the OneWorld airlines, but the website might not be smart enough to combine all the flights (especially your complicated one with 2 connections there). You can search from each flight manually for classic rewards seats on the website, that way you can be sure Qantas have access to all those spaces. Then after that, you can call Qantas to book with the appropriate dates and flight numbers and the agents should be able to piece together the itinerary for you. Just a note though, if you are redeeming Qantas Points, there are cheaper (and faster) ways of getting to Dublin points wise going the Emirates route. Something to think about, given your complicated itinerary. You can shave a good chuck of time by flying Emirates requiring only a connection.

Thanks, yeah i can see availability on Qantas for one of the flights but not the other. Will try calling Qantas again, have been on hold for over 30 minutes twice now! Need to call first thing I think.
I suppose what I really want to know is, if the flights are available to AA rewards, should they 100% be available on Qantas rewards program ie are all one world reward flights available to you no matter the program you are a member of?

Also, re the Emirates route, I’ve booked this many times previously in bus class with rewards, agree it is faster and an amazing product, but the fees are around $600 per seat. JA fees are only $100 per seat, and I’m booking 4 seats!

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Given that it isn’t an American Airlines flight (so that decreases the chance of ‘special’ rewards flights only for their own members), from my experience, what you see on AA is what other OneWorld airlines should see as well. But then again, there are always weird cases with these things. Do let us know how you got on with Qantas over the phone. Maybe I can talk a look on expert flyer for you.

Big yikes with the fees too! Keep looking, maybe a better 1 stop itinerary will pop up with other OneWorld partners that don’t charge extortionate taxes and fees.