Does Qantas Oneworld RTW itinerary need to include a Qantas flight?

Hello I have questions which I have tried to ask before, but I believe that I did not explain myself well.

I wish to book RTW trip using oneworld Classic Flight Reward. According to Brandon Loo excellent article I believe I can do flying BC for a a limit on Qantas points of 318,000

My questions are: 1/ must I included Qantas in the itinerary? 2/ If so can I leave the Qantas flight to the final flight on my way home?

I believe that Qantas must be included and I quote from Brandon’s article as follows - am I reading it correctly?

“” What are the rules of the oneworld Classic Flight Reward?

There are some other rules to take note of:

  • You must include at least two other oneworld airlines besides Qantas, and not include any non-oneworld airlines."

Thanks in advance

As @kris.mas.x2 has said in your previous posts, you don’t need to include Qantas in a Oneworld Classic Reward - what the article is referring to is that in order for the reward to be classed as a Oneworld Classic Flight Reward, it must have 2 airlines, in the Oneworld Alliance, contained in the award, but Qantas does not count for that requirement. Another way of saying it would be you need 2 oneworld Airlines not including Qantas, or, if you include Qantas, you need 2 other oneworld airlines.

To triple check, I fake-booked an itinerary from SYD-HND-LHR-JFK-LAX-SYD, only using JAL, British Airways and AA, using Qantas’ website, and it allowed me to do so.

Hope this answers your question, and good luck!

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Thankyou very much. I will proceed :slight_smile:

I found in the link above the following:

"Use Qantas Points to build your dream trip with oneworld^

Discover the world and enjoy fantastic flexibility with oneworld Classic Flight Rewards^. You can combine at least two oneworld airlines with Qantas in the one itinerary. With up to 35,000 miles allowed on a oneworld Classic Flight Reward, the possibilities are endless."

Clearly says “combine at least two oneworld airlines with Qantas in the one itinerary.” - back to square one it seems

I appreciate your help and please let me know your thoughts,


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I’m not sure we can change your mind on this matter. It might be best that you did include Qantas in your itinerary to put your mind at ease.

For the record, Qantas does not need to be included in a oneworld award.

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:slight_smile: Point taken :slight_smile: and I readlly appreciate your efforts to advise me (also the efforts of mctaggartw)… My hesitation is that I suspect I could book without Qantas but that if I want the Cap of 318,000 points for the RTW Classic Reward to apply, I would have to include Qantas.
I called 131313 and am none the wiser.
Thanks again :slight_smile:

I can 100% confirm that you can book a RTW business class with reward flights, capped at 318k and not using Qantas at all. Last week I booked for two adults: 2 Cathay flights, one iberia flight, one finnair flight and two JAL flights. Total cost was 636k points.

If you’re not sure, you can just build it out using the multicity flight option on the Qantas website and it tells you the number of points down the bottom.

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Thanks very much. Thanks to everyone who helped me with this :slight_smile: