Does Qantas no longer offering purchase of gift cards?

I was looking at buying a gift card on the qantas site, but it seems they no longer sell them for cash, only points. All the google search results redirect to a new page with no gift card purchase options. Has anyone seen any info about this? If it’s gone, we’ve lost a nice little points earner.

I have tried also and cannot find them. All the previous links do not seem to work. Disappointing!

I sent them an email about this topic a week ago but have had no response ??

Does this work for you?

Qantas Gift Vouchers

Thanks but this is about third party gift cards like JB Hifi etc, not the Qantas vouchers.

I was just wondering the same thing. specifically gift cards bought with Qantas cash (as you get 5 X points) not flight vouchers