Does Qantas allow seat upgrade using points on flights with stopover?

I’m considering applying for an upgrade to Premium Economy, using points, from London to Sydney. I note that in the small print, Qantas say that if the flight has one or more stops en route (which mine does, at Dubai) then you would only be eligible for the upgrade on the second leg.

Anyone know if this is correct? It says London to Sydney on the form.


If it’s one flight number you should be able to request an upgrade for the entire flight in one go. Using the upgrade calculator on qantas’ site you can search straight from London to Sydney, so would think you can request the upgrade for the whole thing.\r\n\r\nSounds a bit convoluted and I’m the first to admit Qantas’ language is sometimes vague, but I think what it means is even though you can search origin city to destination city, that because there is a stop if your upgrade is granted then it isn’t necessarily granted the whole way and may be granted for a section of the total trip.\r\n\r\nSo if you put in for the upgrade I think what they’re saying is you get it on a leg-by-leg basis. Because some people leave the aircraft in Dubai and don’t travel onwards and equally so new people join the aircraft in Dubai, you might rank high enough amongst those requesting it on the way there to score the upgrade, but not the rest of the way to Sydney.\r\n\r\nHope that makes sense, but I’ve requested an upgrade on QF11 sydney to NYC (which has a stop in LA) in one go and didn’t have to go sector by sector. I got it on the longer leg to LA as well, so not sure that “only elligible for the upgrade on the second leg” part is accurate.

Thanks Jimmy McPoints. Much appreciated.