Does PointHacks have a webpage detailing which countries we can travel to?

HI, probably escaped my poor searching skills - wondering if pointhacks is keeping a post/page on latest travel restrictions or allowances for Australia. ie. where can we currently fly to overseas ?

Hey Deezplace, at this stage we’re not actively maintaining a page on travel restrictions due to the complexity of keeping it up-to-date. For international travel, it’s still the same where you’re only allowed out with a valid exemption.

However, we will be soon providing an update on the domestic border situation soon (as of 15 March 2021 there are no interstate restrictions) in a new guide on travelling around Australia.

We do also continuously update a page on the latest change/cancellation fees for various airlines, which is a bit more relevant for our readers.

Finally, when there are major changes to international travel out of Australia, including confirmed travel bubbles, we will definitely be covering it. Hope that helps!

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It seems home affairs has a page, hope you don’t mind me sharing it here: