Does paying for a Qantas flight with a Qantas point earning card means I earn two lots of Qantas points?

I know this is a dumb question - if I pay for an o/s trip with Amplify credit card which earns FF points, do I then also earn points from Qantas - as in, a double dip ?
Otherwise, do I just pay by direct debit, not incur a 1.3% credit card surcharge and just get the Qantas FF points ?
Many thanks

Yes! You earn points for any spending with your credit card (with some exceptions like ATO payments) so you’ll earn points for your spending on airfares. When you actually fly, you’ll earn points for your flights as well. You do mention a good point though about the 1.3% surcharge. In this instance, you’ll have to weigh up whether you want to pay an extra 1.3% in fees to earn those points, or simply pay with a debit card and give up the points you’ll potentially earn.

Just to add, regardless of which ever payment option you go with, you earn Qantas points or whichever airline miles/points when you fly with them. Bums on seats are the traditional way of earning airline miles/points. Point earning credit cards are just an additional (quicker) way to earn on land.