Does my Qantas OneWorld RTW itinerary break any rules?

Booking One World Business as follows:

SDY-KUL_BKK 1st stopover
BKK-HND-LHR 2nd stopover
LHR-MAD 3rd stopover
LIS-LHR-JKF then on to DEN within 24 hours 4th stopover.
SFO to HND 5th stopover
HND to SING end of trip because there are no business class back to Sydney

Qantas says this breaches the terms of the OneWorld award and refuses to ticket it as it has more than 5 stopovers!

Itinerary seems fine. Are you able to screenshot or provide the flight times/routes?

In case you haven’t already read this. Please have a skim of Section 7 for common “mistakes”. (Fly around the world in Business with Qantas and oneworld - Point Hacks)

After more hours on the phone to Qantas call centre that I care to remember, I was told I had to drop the last leg from HND to SIN to make it compliant with a OneWorld reward - so either they count finishing at a different destination as a stopover, or possibly LHR-JFK and JFK-DEN being on different days albeit within 24 hours is a stopover.

I dared not ask. Simply glad to get the bugger ticketed. Most of the call centre staff are clueless, and it appears the other problem was the computer system not being able to calculate the taxes. I finally got an operator who arranged to get the charges manually calculated and I insisted on staying on the line until that happened - 'cos they say they will ring back but never do.

I ended up paying for HND to SYD with Philippine Airlines for $4.2K so the entire round the world business class will cost the 2 of us $6K all up with taxes etc. There is no way to get business class back into Australia on rewards anyway (told this by a mate who is a senior QANTAS employee)

Well done. Your time/sanity may be worth the decision to pay for that leg separately.

Most of the non-AU based Qantas agents are known to be incompetent. Thank your lucky stars if you get someone from Hobart call centre.

Incompetent would be a complement!

I had to direct several of them to the QANTAS website describing the OneWorld reward ffs!

But it seems they may all have been hitting the same tax/surcharge computer issue and most of them gave up at that point. Still, pretty crap service in general.

But we did end up with an epic itinerary nonetheless, although I am seriously annoyed that QANTAS no longer makes premium international cabins equally available to everyone with points. I am a QANTAS high points earner, but that’s a deal breaker for me. Star Alliance here I come.

The transit in SIN would have counted as a stopover, which would have caused your undoing. The reason for this is that SIN-SYD still counts as one of your 16 sectors, and given it has no travel date, SIN would be a stopover.

Flights transitting KUL seem to work getting in and out of AUS. We achieved it recently for a trip in Sep 2024.

Could I please have some advice with my RTW itinerary too please? All economy for myself and my daughter, we have just enough points.
On the QANTAS site I can get it to accept this:

  1. SYD - JFK (via Auckland) Stop 1
  2. JFK - MAD Stop 2
  3. HEL - RVN Stop 3
  4. RVN - HEL (transit < 24h)
  5. HEL - HKG Stop 4 (as it is 26h transit time)
  6. HKG - SYD (home)
    I can book this online, but I want to add 1 more stop (5 total) but get errors whenever I try and put in a leg between 2. and 3. even if I do it as a transit on the same day, e.g. DUB - HEL on same day as HEL - ROV. I was going to pay for a few cheap flights in Europe, e.g. Ryan air to make my way from MAD to preferably DUB (rather than HEL). Any suggestions welcome to add between MAD and HEL including London, Cork, Paris, Geneva.
    I want to get it right but don’t want to call if I am not confident in the rules.
    Thank you community, it has helped me so much!