Does Lifemiles provide the confirmation number or PNR when booking another Star Alliance airline?

Hello community,

Can someone tell me if Lifemiles will give you the confirmation no / PNR of another Star Alliance airline if say, you use Lifemiles to make a Thai or ANA booking ?
Or do you have to call up their Colombian call centre to get the PNR ??

(I have read other travel forums and i know that United does provide the PNR of another airline in the United website, if you use United miles for a booking.)

Thank you.

Hi Marcus,

My advice isn’t specific to Lifemiles so it may or may not help answer your question above.

I find that in some itinerary emails that airlines of FF program send you, they may have the airline reference number and/or the PNR for the airline, which the aircraft belongs to. So in your case, Lifemiles may include their reference number and/or the Thai or ANA PNR.

Otherwise, you would have to ring Lifemiles to get the PNR for the operating airline for the flight booked. If you are booking over the phone, you may ask them for the PNR straightaway.

One handy website is checkmytrip. If you enter your reference number given to you, sometimes they provide you with the PNR. Just try all numbers provided to you in the itinerary.

Thanks for the reply Hiew :slight_smile:
The Checkmytrip site is very handy too !