Does Japan Airlines offer free accommodation for a long transit?

Hi there,
My husband and I will fly from Chicago back to Melbourne (one way trip) this September and we’re thinking of using JAL. Has anyone have experiences of getting a free accommodation by the airlines with a long layover before? If you did, would you mind sharing the tips and experiences?
Much appreciated!

Hi Wynn,

A google search found this page.

Scroll down to have a read on JAL. Hopefully the advice is still valid.

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Hi Wynn,

Yes they do, however provided you’re not picking the longer transit by choice, transits of 8 hours or longer but not more than 24 hours will attract STPC accommodation with JAL. If there is an earlier flight to your destination which you could take but you’ve chosen a different connection because it’s cheaper they won’t pay for it then, and they also won’t pay for it if it’s a code-share flight, so if either the Melbourne to Tokyo was flown by Qantas for example or the Tokyo to Chicago by American Airlines, then no you wouldn’t be eligible. If it’s all JL flight numbers on JL metal, and if there’s physically no quicker connection you would get the STPC accommodation.

Hope that helps!