Does having Qantas Silver status give you additional status points?

Hi all,
I’ve recently obtained silver status on Qantas thanks to the February double status bonus.

I was awarded 40 status points each way to Singapore, plus 40 bonus status points. 80 in total.

I’ll be doing the same trip in November (hopefully!), also booked with the double status deal, but with silver status, and wondering if silver will provide any additional status credits.

Couldn’t find anything on the Qantas website about this.


In short, no. For all status tiers in the program, NO EXTRA STATUS CREDITS will be awarded. However, Silver members will get bonus Qantas points and that percentage bonus increases with the tiers.
The only ways to get bonus status credits are from Double Status Credits Promotions or if you are a holder of the Qantas Premier Titanium Card.

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