Does having Qantas FF Silver status give more access to Classic Rewards flights?

I’m noticing a far less classic rewards options for international flights this year from last - everything is getting snapped or qantas is releasing less for lower FF tiers? Do folks know if moving from bronze to sliver tier makes much of a difference in terms of opening up more classic rewards flight options? Cheers

Hi @melrulli1

It looks like if you’re Silver you’ll have access to Classic Reward Flights about 26 days earlier than Bronze members. Here’s a screenshot of the table from the Point Hacks article.

Thanks sixtyeight. So tier just seems to dictate when classic rewards flights become available to book as opposed to having access to more classic rewards seats because you’re higher in the pecking order?

Qantas Platinum members get to request for the opening of award seats on Qantas flights (on a case by case basis).