Does Cathay Pacific and KLM have interline arrangements at Dubai airport?

Booked QFF Reward Flights, three legs: Melb-HKG, HKG-Dubai, Dubai-Amsterdam. First two with Cathay (Bus & PE), third with KLM (Bus). All legs seperate bookings. Flight intervals are short (2.5 & 3.5 hours). Planning to go with checked baggage. Am I safe in assuming that at very least I will be able to check the bags through to Dubai? Would also be interested in comments from those more experienced with interlining arrangements on the likelihood of getting checked bags through the entire trip in one go, ie from Melbourne to Amsterdam. Any thoughts/advice much appreciated!

Hi @Feathersword

A quick Google search of Cathay interline agreements reveals that they don’t appear to have an interline agreement with KLM at Dubai airport (see below). However, I wouldn’t expect that you’d have a problem checking in your bags all the way from Melbourne to Dubai.

There’s never any harm in asking at check-in, though.

Hope this helps!

I appreciate your thoughts. Will ask at check-in for baggage to go straight through. Just as a follow-on, if things go really bad, ie missed flight, is the main point of contact Qantas or the one World partner?

If you are on separate bookings, you are not covered if you miss the subsequent flight (i.e. you are on your own).