Does anyone think it is worth taking a flight just to get status credits for Qantas Silver?

Hi. I am a FF newbie.
My QFF statement says that I have 10 days to fly in order to move from bronze to silver - I have read some posts on this forum which suggest that status flights are not worth doing if one is not a frequent flyer … is this a fair conclusion to make?

Best way to work out whether it’s worth it is to check the additional benefits on the Antas website you get from moving from Bronze to Silver and the cost of the flight to get you there (check the number of status credits you need to get to the next level). Personally, I don’t see much point going from Bronze to Silver. You get some electronic bag tags and a free one time pass to the Qantas Club. The only potentially significant benefit is preference to Bronze members is using points to upgrade. This would be useful if you were doing a long haul in economy and you had the ticket and points to upgrade, but you’d still be subject to those in Gold and Platinum getting priority.

The nicest benefits of being Silver are the slightly improved seat selection opportunities, and the lack of queuing for check in (as you can join the Qantas Club / Premium Economy queue) on international trips, both for Qantas and oneworld travel globally - plus that lounge pass. There’s also some extra baggage allowances.

Otherwise Silver is a bit of a lonely place to be, only slightly loved by Qantas.

Given you’ve got so close to it, it may be worth a quick trip somewhere to attain and then see if you like the benefits ongoing, and it would be easier to retain next year - but it depends on how much you value your time and how busy you are in the next 10 days, and how much travel you have planned for the next 12 months (i.e. how much you will use these benefits).