Does anyone know why Qantas is showing "No flights" on Sydney to London route prior to 10th August?

When you do a reward search on Qantas SYD-LON, all the dates prior to 10th August come up with a greyed out “No Flights”. What’s that about?

Is it a status thing that I can’t see reward flights before 10th August? Can people with higher status see them?

I already have Business Reward flights booked using Velocity Points BRIS-LON on 20/8/22 with Singapore Airlines, but I’d really like to try and change to an earlier date if I can flying Emirates Business/First instead.

Anyone shed light?

Status shouldn’t affect the availability of partner airline flights. Emirates is probably not making any more reward seats available on those routes - it’s possible the limited allocation has already been snapped up just when borders were opening a few months back. I booked September 2022 reward seats back in October 2021, and pretty much nothing is available now.

Thanks @BrandonLoo but I don’t think these have ever showed as anything other than “No Flights” when you search. Normally the flights would still show up, because there would be economy rewards seats still available, but this is a whole series of dates showing the words “No Flights” (when there obviously is). I wonder if they will become available in the future for Business/First rewards?