Does anyone know when Qantas flights to Japan will return?

Seems like the only business seats I can get are on jal and no Qantas planes flying. I was looking at jal business class and it appears to be older than the nice new Qantas ones that have been flying from Brisbane a few years ago. Anyone know when we can get Qantas flights to Tokyo?

Depending on your travel dates, Japan is not accepting international tourists as at right now. But Jetstar have a Return for Free sale on now and I’ve got paid tickets to Japan in March so obviously they expect Japan to be open by then.

All good I understand that about tourist restrictions for the time being.

I was looking to the future and even 6-9 months out there are only JAL planes flying to Haneda. I can’t see any QF flights at all and we would prefer to fly the nicer looking business class in the newer Qantas planes.

If anyone has some info on that please share :slight_smile:

Qantas have suspended flights until end of Jan 2022, and my searches so far have found no airline is accepting new bookings to Japan for December, even if they are flying.
The Japanese Government has also now stopped all foreigners from landing.
Obviously resumption of flights will depend on Government Policy, and that will depend on how Omicron pans out. Lets all cross our fingers.