Does anyone know how much additional charges would be incurred if I redeem flights from Perth to Europe using Earning Krisflyer miles?

I am not a member of the Krisflyer program yet, but noticed you could earn close to 160,000 points signing up for the Amex and NAB cards. That’ll cost $1,150.

Does anyone know approx what additional charges would be incurred if I used these points for 2 x economy rewards from Perth to Europe. Also, is availability of reward flights generally good? I know economy rewards seem to be discouraged here but it would take some time to earn the additional points for 2 x business rewards and I had a particular redemption in mind, which still appears to be reasonable value.


Hi I just checked and 1 pax redemption PER-LHR return would incur $999.20 in fees, so really not great value.

I just ran another check and it came back with fees of $976.38. That’s on top of 68K krisflyer miles per person