Does anyone have experience buying Qantas companion fares?

Hi, Has anyone had the experience of buying Qantas companion fares. Using cash not points, do you really save and do they offer this to all parts of the world. I believe they usually do this early in the year.
Thanks Peter

I find that companion fares in premium cabins are a massive saving over the paid cash fares; I saw companion fares Sydney to LAX from $5800pp in business last year when normally they’re 6.5 or 7k, but each offer is different. Economy generally no you don’t save a massive amount, but it’s all relative. Qantas might offer say $1200 return to London which is good for them, but quite often if you book the right time you could get the same or not a great deal more, for say Qatar or Etihad who are as good or better in my opinion.

It’s impossible to really generalise though as every sale is different. Qantas don’t have a standing annual sale that comes a certain time of year for companion fares, they just pop up from time to time, and all companion fares will vary slightly as to a) how many seats you need to buy b) what routes they’re applicable on and c) what price point they’re sold at. You just have to assess each offer as it comes up, and if it works for what you want to do jump on it.