Does anyone have any tips on Qantas Wine return process?

Has anyone else had trouble getting their wine returned?

I have been buying wine through Qantas to get bonus points. I purchased a box on 4th July and received it a couple of days later. Cost for the dozen was $273, so not cheap. I tried a bottle and it didn’t taste like any Shiraz I’d ever had, so I requested a return on 15th July. To date I have made 3 email enquiries and am now on hold for my 2nd phone call to try to get them returned. I’m not having much success, and it’s now been over 6 weeks. The local StarTrack/Aus Post driver came in once with incomplete paperwork, and when I called Qantas they said they’d send it, but today he came in again and said he still hadn’t seen it.

Pretty shoddy service, IMHO. Has anyone else had any problems with it?

Have you tried calling the 1800 number and escalate to a supervisor/manager?