Does anyone have any tips for bringing up the old familiar calendar view of available Classic Rewards?

As we all know the calendar view (where it showed a calendar month view with all the different classic rewards available), doesn’t come up now for some reason when you do a direct search (eg SYDNEY - LONDON) making it difficult to easily see the available classic rewards over a month. But if you do a “multi-city” search for the same search criteria (eg instead of searching SYDNEY - LONDON, instead do a multi-city search SYDNEY-DUBAI, DUBAI-LONDON then that WILL bring up the familiar calendar with all the available classic rewards over a month! Make sure you also mark the flexible for dates box or it won’t work.


Thanks for sharing Graham!

I don’t mind the new view either. In some cases, it’s a bit easier to do certain things:

  • check the taxes payable on a reward seat straight away, even if you don’t have enough points
  • quickly see what reward seats are available three days ahead and behind of your search date, without having to re-enter the search details.

The calendar view is great for mix-and-matching reward flights options that might not normally pop-up with the new search page.

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Try the multi-city function. Not sure it still work, has been a while since I booked a flight. :sweat_smile: