Does anyone have any success using reward flights to depart Australia?

Hi all

Looking to see if anybody has been successful with redeeming on flying qantas classic business rewards flights out of Australia recently? Exemption aside (I.e. assuming you have this already), I see availability for late November on Qatar codeshare flights but not sure if these tickets are getting bumped at the moment?


I’m assuming the answer is going be almost no-one. I posed a similar question when Point Hacks posted that Qantas plans to resume international flights as from 20/12/21. I immediately began searching for Classic Business flights after that date and the answer is there are virtually none that would allow a return trip on any of the proposed routes. I suspect we have to closer to that date before reward seats are made available.


I can see the classic reward availability on the date I am potentially looking at and will have grounds for exemption but I’m interested to see if anyone has successfully booked and secured a flight with points and hasn’t been cancelled or bumped?

I’m not entirely sure what the cap restrictions are on the way out of Australia and if there is a limit.

Hope that helps to clarify my question

Currently, Australia has an arrival cap, but no official cap for people leaving the country.

If you do not intend to come back for the forseeable future (next year or so), and you have a pretty good chance of getting an exemption to leave the country, there isn’t too much risk in booking a flight. And because it’s booked with points, its actually quite a bit more flexible than cash. Worst case, just pay the cancellation fee and you’ll get the points back.

The main problems now are really about being able to leave the country in the first place, and coming back once you’ve left given the strict caps. If your situation avoids both those hurdles, I don’t see why you shouldn’t go for it.