Does anyone have any recommendations on simcards for South America?

Does anyone have any recommendations for SIM cards for South America for a 3 week trip? Currently in Australia

Not sure on any physical sims, but I’ve used Airalo before, on a trip to Japan and a trip to Europe, and its worked great. Basically, it’s a ‘downloadable’, for lack of a better word, eSIM, which are only available on certain phones (please check). The pricing is more expensive for an individual country that if you were to buy a physical, prepaid sim there, but Airalo comes with 2 IMO important advantages:

  1. You can set it up in Aus, and its good to go, so you don’t have to spend time setting anything up - its already on your phone.
  2. You can buy regional eSIM plans on Airalo, which work great if you’re going to multiple different countries, as it just piggybacks off a particular network in each country.

Its quite convenient, and it works, so is worth looking at, if your phone is compatible with eSIMs. Ofc, there is probably cheaper sims that you can buy wherever you’re travelling, but if you’re going to different countries, you may find it cheaper to buy an Airalo plan to get mobile data rather than seperate SIMs, which could be the case.

As an aside, I have a referral code to use if you do choose to sign up - We’d both get $3 in credit, so send me a DM if you would like it

Hope this helps