Does anyone have any experiences with Austrian Airlines & Thai Airways Business Class to share?


Just interested to see if anyone has flown with the following airlines in their new 777 business class and if it is worth the price.

Found a fare for $3500 return flights for next year ( one way business - one way economy ) to europe and wanted some input to see if this was a good deal or is it best to wait for some bonus miles through AA and book that way ?

That’s not too bad a deal. I’m typing this from the Thai lounge BKK, flying SYD to LHR in J. The 747 from SYD was average. Looking forward to the 380.

If you are going at a quiet time of year you might as well wait for the next AA promo. In the last one I bagged a one way F, SYD LHR, on Etihad for US$1800. So I’m guessing J for maybe $1,400. Times that by two for the return and depending in the exchange rate you are probably looking at $3,800.