Does anyone have a Pro account to do a search for me?

Hi All

I have a free account but it looks like I need a Basic or Pro account to see how many awards seat are available. I don’t fly often so can’t justify the monthly fee for ExpertFlyer.

I am just redeeming my KrisFlyer points from Brisbane to Singapore return. I have confirmed flights from Brisbane to Kuala Lumpur but I have been on waiting list for over 4 months for the Penang to Brisbane via Singapore leg.

The two sets of flights I want to see if there are any awards seats left is:

  • Singapore to Brisbane SQ235 4 October 2019
  • Singapore to Brisbane SQ235 5 October 2019

If anyone has a ExpertFlyer Pro account, will you be able to check for me? I have been calling Krisflyer to see if they can expediate the waiting list but I thought if I have data on how many awards seats are left via ExpertFlyer I can use that to ask them if they can open those awards seats up for me.

Thanks in advance!


I don’t have a current Pro account, but I recommend doing their 5-day free trial for ExpertFlyer Pro. It doesn’t require a credit card and is perfect for a quick check like that.

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Hi looneylee,
Sorry to disappoint you but there is nothing showing in Economy, Business or First on either date.

That is unfortunate :frowning:

Does anyone know if Singapore airlines sometimes create new Award seats and make them available or do ExpertFlyer show all the available Award seats and that is it?

Recommendation on how I should talk to them to see if I can raise my chances to get them to confirm? Or else I need to buy the return on another airline as we are going back for my Grandfather’s 100th bday

There may be the release of more seats at a later stage but there is not a lot of reliability or trends for doing so. There may be cancellations or changes by others that may return seats to the system. Krisflyer is a bit of a mystery.

Expertflyer reports what is there at that point in time. Expertflyer also has a function for award alerts too. Which saves you from searching everyday but this is on the paid version.

Thanks. Just needed to know if they only put out a set number of Award seats one time and that is it or they sometimes release more at later stage.

I have just been calling Krisflyer every few weeks to check the status of the waitlist and send a chaser but no luck so far. Anyone had experience calling the Australian Krisflyer contact number vs calling the Singapore Krisflyer contact number?