Does anyone else notice the recent lack of new Qantas award seats?

Is anyone else have difficulty finding Qantas Classic Award seats? I’m trying to secure 2 Business Class seats for a particular flight on a particular date. I’ve been “practising” this search regularly over the past 3 months, and have a good idea of when the seats are usually released (ie how many days ahead), how often they come up and how quickly they go! Now, it’s finally time for me to actually make my booking. I’ve logged in and attempted to book every day for the past three weeks, only to find that NO new Business or Premium Economy seats have been offered for the month or so around my preferred date (which is mid May, 2020) for my preferred route (the very popular LAX-SYD).

Usually award seats on Qantas’ most popular routes are released at the opening of the schedule and around a week before departures. Before that, there will likely be no seats released unless it’s the super low seasons.

Try and check for other QF USA to AU East Coast routes to increase your chances.