Does anyone else having issues booking AirBnB via Qantas portal?

Is anybody else having problems with this? The last 24-48 hours I keep getting an “error we’re offline” message and to keep an eye on the AirBnB twitter account for updates but there seems to be no mention there of any issue.

Note, I have no issue getting access directly on AirBnB’s page but if I don’t book via Qantas then I won’t get the bonus points.

The portal is awful! I often get this message as well. I have found changing browsers (Firefox, Safari etc) and/or clearing cache usually works.

Thanks, in the end I went direct and had to forego the points. Thanks for the advice. I’ll try that next time.

AIrBNB’s actual site is (at the same time) the most beautiful and the most user-unfriendly website known to man (particularly if you are an owner).

I’m not surprised that anything involving it is a challenge!