Does any one know whether there is an upcoming Velocity Transfer Bonus Promotion?

Does anyone know if there is an upcoming promotion with (15-25% bonus) to transfer credit card points to Velocity?

I note that there has not been one since May 2021

With the amount of changes we’ve seen this year, I wouldn’t look to history and bet on a transfer bonus coming. It is likely that will happen eventually, but they’ve got the VAX and WIN promotion and then the points giveaway with flybuys so any promotion after is likely to be after these two.

Well speak of the devil! Velocity is running a transfer bonus now!

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Hi @themoderndaylifestyl , Velocity usually runs a transfer bonus in May and November each year. And right on schedule, there is a 20-30% bonus from 1-30 Nov 2021.

There is one Just about to finish in 25 October…