Does any excess status credit after maintaining Velocity Platinum roll over to the next year?

Hi, I’ve recently achieved sufficient status credits (800 sc) to maintain my Platinum status, with the annual review date being 5 July 2018. My current balance is 855 SC and I still have plenty of travel to come, flying with Singapore Airlines mainly. My query - do the SCs in excess of 800, in this scenario it is currently 55 SCs over the required 800, carry over to the next qualifying period, in my case, from 6th July? I have been told that any SCs earnt after hitting qualification are merely “wasted”!!! Cheers in advance.

I believe they are ‘wasted’.

Maybe time to credit the flights to other FF programs? Krisflyer?

Ok, I’m a Krisflyer member  but I only fly with them once, maybe twice a year on economy, and as they offer no family pooling, our impending trip of 2x adults and 2x children does not seem beneficial to send Krisflyer’s direction. Alternatively, I can turn off by Velocity family pooling immediately and redirect the combined 360-odd status credits coming from our Tasmania-Melbourne-Singapore-Phuket return trip to my wife who can then reach Silver status…thoughts?

They are not usable by you directly. In this circumstance you have a few options:

  1. Keep earning status till you earn an additional 500 SCs (before your anniversary date) and "gift" a gold membership to your partner. This will also continue to pool points in the one account. If you think you can earn 450SC's in time, this is the best option.
  2. Rejig your family pooling so all credits are going to your partner. This is effectively identical to (1), except it may allow them more flexibility in gaining Silver or Gold. If you are only going to earn 400SCs or less, this will at least get them Silver, and on the way to Gold going forward.
  3. Switch to Krisflyer, noting that Krisflyer status is based on accrued miles, not SC's. This may be beneficial if the points earn on Krisflyer is at least equal to Virgin, and you ultimately intend to use your points on SIA, as you will potentially avoid the 20% penalty for transferring points between the programs, however pooling does not work.
I have done (1), but believe (2) is probably the better option, given the flexibility of pooling.