Do you still get to use the complimentary flight if you cancel an Amex Velocity Platinum before using the flights?

I’ve reached the required spend on an Amex Velocity Platinum card and in addition to 90,000 Velocity points, it came with a complimentary return Virgin flight and lounge passes.

If I cancel the card now, can I still use the complimentary flight and lounge passes after I’ve cancelled the card?

And does the complimentary return flight have an expiry date?

Amex don’t send you anything about the complimentary flight. You just use a “link” to book the flight and I’m concerned that once I cancel the card, I’ll no longer have access to my included flight.

Hi Graham, sorry to say but you must have an existing account and that account must be “in good standing” to qualify for the bonuses. The flight must be booked within one year of opening the account and the benefits do not carry over to the following year if unused.

Why not just cancel the card after the flight?

Fabulous response Bofman!  You’ve answered this perfectly.  I’ll be definitely keeping the card open until I use the flight and passes.  Thanks again.