Do you receive points if you buy Supermarket Eftpos Gift Cards using Amex David Jones card?

Do you receive Flybuy and points ( eg if paying with a David Jones Amex card) if you buy Eftpos gift cards.

Colette G

Just worked out the catch. \r\nThey charge $5:95 for the card

Hi Colette,

If I understand you correctly, you are asking whether you earn points through paying for a Eftpos gift card with your David Jones Amex Card.

In my experience, it depends on where you buy the card from. E.g.: If I buy a $100 Bunnings gift card from Woolworths and I pay with my Plat Edge card which gives me 3 points per $ spent at supermarkets, I get 300 points.

I must say I am not 100% sure as I have only bought prepaid Mastercards from Woolworths and I do not have a DJ card.

However, IMHO, I think you do earn points if the retailer gives you points for $ spent.

My 2 cts

I think you will find retailers (Wollworths/Coles ect) don’t accept Credit Cards for prepaid Eftops cards. If did this would be a very lucrative way to “buy” frequent flyer points.

Just realised they charge $5.95 for the Eftpos card