Do you qualify for the signup bonus if reapplying for same credit card after more than a year of cancelling card?

I am wondering, if I apply the same credit card after a year or more of cancellation, would that affect the bonus point? I normally keep 2 cards at a time. Then cancel it in due time. And apply another one. But after a few years, I found the option does not have much if I don’t apply the card which I previously had.

Some credit cards have policies where bonus points are given on a once in a lifetime basis. Others allow you to partake in the bonus points offer 12 months or 24 months after the card’s cancellation. It’s best to check the individual policy of the specific bonus points offer you were looking for to avoid any misconceptions.

Thanks djtech.
Do you know any forum or website will discuss about which credit cards have once off bonus only, and which can be applied repeatedly still have the bonus? It is better than to call them individually. In the past, I had AMEX, Westpec Business Choice, St George Signature. And now I am still holding ANZ black and Qantas platinum card.

Hi manwong. Just scroll down the bottom of the screen for every card offer and read the eligibility conditions for the bonus points. Most bonus point offers can be repeatedly applied for, if you just wait out the period required - which is typically 12 months. It usually says something like “Offer available to new and existing customers who have not held the card for the past 12 months.” I’ve only ever had one bank where the wording was just ever so slightly different. Instead it said “Offer available to new customers only” (or something like that). They tried to say I’d had the same card before. I just complained and said that when I cancelled the card a year ago, then I ceased to become a customer. So by definition I am now a “new” customer again. It worked.


Thanks a lot Graham! It will help.