Do you need to include a Qantas flight on a Oneworld RTW itinerary?

Hi I realise that I need to include Qantas and at least two other oneworld partners to successfully use the oneworld program. Qantas does not come up much at all as an option in my planned itinerary. However on my very first leg Sydney to Tokyo, the option of transit through Jakarta is given, flying Qantas Sydney to Jakarta and then JAL from Jakarta to Tokyo. I will be waiting in Jakarta for about 3 hrs between flights. Does this first flight with Qantas satisfy the requirement to include Qantas even though I am not stopping over in Jakarta, merely transiting en route to Tokyo.

You do not need to include Qantas. You just need two other oneworld airlines.

Thanks Kris. I appreciate your help.

I am struggling to believe that there doe does not need to be at least on Qantas flight.

I dont want to seem ungrateful, and I’d delighted if you are correct I am having difficulty in finding a Qantas flight to fit my itinerary

Can you please direct me to any place on internet where I can double check

Thanks :slight_smile:

One example article from 2019 but rules likely haven’t change.

I agree with Kris - you absolutely do not need to include a QF flight on a One World RTW ticket. To be more specific, you technically would need one if you wanted to buy your ticket from Qantas themselves, but unless you had a reason to do this (I cant think of one…has no impact on points/status for example) then it shouldnt matter to you. Check out the OW RTW builder site and see if you can make your itinerary work there Enjoy great savings on your Round the World flights with oneworld..
For getting to TYO the options should be QF, JL, MH and CX. If you’re not seeing any of those then it’s down to availability and/or flight schedules.

Thankyou evan101, very much appreciated :slight_smile: